Business ID and invoicing details

The Finnish Terminology Centre handles all purchase invoices in eletronic format, so we recommend invoice issuers to use online invoicing.

Online invoicing details of the Finnish Terminology Centre:

  • online invoice address: 003706799765
  • business ID of the Finnish Terminology Centre: 0679976-5
  • operator: Maventa
  • operator ID: 003721291126
  • operator ID in banking network: DABAFIHH

In case an invoice issuer is not able to use online invoicing, the invoice can be sent to our accounting office, preferably by e-mail:

  • address for an invoice in eletronic (PDF) format:
  • address for a paper invoice: Sanastokeskus ry, 06799765, PL 100, FI-80020 KOLLEKTOR SCAN, FINLAND