The Finnish Terminology Centre serves a variety of target groups, providing information on special field concepts and terminology work, and offering expert services based on concept analysis. Examples of our services include preparing glossaries, classifications and ontologies, and providing support for concept modelling work. Both private persons and legally competent corporations can become members of the Terminology Centre. Membership is worthwhile for anyone interested in efficient structuring and processing of information based on concept analysis, making communication more effective, enhancing the semantic interoperability of information systems, or clarifying the concepts used in digital services.

If you are interested in becoming member of the Terminology Centre, please fill in the application form (in Finnish or Swedish). After receiving the application, the board of directors of the Terminology Centre decides on membership admission. A member must pay their membership fee on a calendar year basis, and the membership is valid until the member asks for resignation. In rare cases, however, for example in the case of having neglected their membership fee payments, a member may be expelled.

Application (private persons, in Finnish)
Application (corporations, in Finnish)

Members' benefits

The members of the Terminology Centre

  • receive an invitation to member events in which it is possible to contribute to the development of the Terminology Centre's activities and be informed e.g. on current issues in the field of terminology
  • receive a newsletter 4 times a year
  • may purchase training and consultation services from the Terminology Centre at reduced membership prices
  • are allocated a yearly amount of service time free of charge (corporate members only).

Service time of corporate members

Service to which corporate members are entitled includes tailored advice on, for example, the following topics:

  • when to do terminology work
  • what should be taken into account when starting a terminology project
  • what ontologies are used for
  • effective use of a term bank.

Optionally, the service may consist of responding to a member’s terminology request. Terminology requests may relate to the correctness of a term, abbreviated forms of a term, equivalents of a term in different languages, or the definition of a concept. Background information, for example the context in which the term is used, its meaning, and the subject field to which the term pertains, will help us to find a reliable answer.

When calculating service time, the possible preparation work carried out by our terminologists before delivering the actual support or advice, as well as any actions to be carried out after the actual support activity will be counted. The service schedule will be agreed on a case-by-case basis. To make sure you get your service in the desired time, please submit your service request in good time. Requests are to be sent to the address Glossary project work does not make part of membership benefits, glossary projects being carried out only on commission.

Corporate members’ service time quota is determined by their membership category. Natural person members are not entitled to service time free of charge, but we will do our best to help each and every one of our members in solving their terminology problems.

Membership fees

The membership fee of each member is determined by their membership category, and, in the case of corporate members, the turnover or budget of the organisation. Membership fees are the following:

Membership category Membership fee Term service quota
private persons EUR 50 No service time
non-profit public utility institutions EUR 160 2 hours/year
turnover not exceeding EUR 5 millions EUR 350 4 hours/year
turnover exceeding EUR 5 millions EUR 700 8 hours/year