Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security (TSK 47)

Kokonaisturvallisuuden sanasto, Ordlista om övergripande säkerhet

REPLACED BY: Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security (TSK 50)

© Terminology Centre TSK and Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK, 2014
Publishers: Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK and Terminology Centre TSK
ISBN 978-951-797-541-4

A new vocabulary has come out in the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK’s publication series: Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security. The new vocabulary is based on Preparedness and Civil Defence Vocabulary (TSK 39).

The project of elaborating the new vocabulary was started in 2013 by initiative of the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK. The original aim of the project was to update the Preparedness and Civil Defence Vocabulary, maintaining the majority of its contents and structure untouched. However, as the work was started, it became clear that after 2009, legislation in the field, as well as the way of thinking, had changed so much that what was needed was not just updating the existing vocabulary but elaborating a new one, with a focus on the new concept of comprehensive security.

The Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security contains concepts that are common for all administrative branches. Concepts that belong to one administrative branch only, for example, were left out of the scope of the project.

The Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security contains about 180 concepts, described by means of term entries and concept diagrams. Each concept is given a definition, followed by additional information where needed. The terms in the vocabulary are given in Finnish, Swedish and English, and the definitions are provided in Finnish.

The Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security aims to facilitate communication and prevent misunderstanding. The vocabulary seeks to make concepts clearer, harmonise terms and provide reliable equivalents in other languages to Finnish concepts. In this way, the vocabulary intends to facilitate the work of those who act in the field of comprehensive security and of those who come across the field in other ways. The vocabulary can be of use e.g. in teaching, international contexts and in preparedness work.

The working group that compiled the vocabulary consisted of representatives from the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK, Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Ministry of the Environment, National Emergency Supply Agency and the secretariat of the Security Committee. The work was supervised by the Security Committee. The project was financed by the Civil Defence Foundation and Ministry of Defence.

The Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security came out in December 2014. It was published both in printed and in electronic form.