Glossary of Transport Infrastructure

© Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA), 2021

The glossary is available:
- in PDF format
- in the Terminologies tool on the Interoperability Platform

Languages of the glossary:
- Terms: Finnish
- Concept descriptions: Finnish

The Finnish Terminology Centre together with Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) initiated a glossary project aimed at supporting the development of FTIA's Velho IT system. The resulting Glossary of Transport Infrastructure – Planning and Construction (Väyläsanasto: Suunnittelu ja rakentaminen) was published in November of 2021. The glossary will also serve as a guide for planning of infrastructure projects in the FTIA.

The glossary comprises 15 central concepts in the domain of infrastructure project planning process defined in Finnish. The concepts are clarified by means of definitions and complementary notes. Recommendations are given on the usage of terms. Additionally, relations between the concepts are illustrated by a concept diagram.

The Glossary of Transport Infrastructure – Planning and Construction has been defined by a working group comprising of experts from the FTIA, Sitowise Ltd., Ramboll Ltd., the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) and two terminologists from the Finnish Terminology Centre. Said terminologists steered the working group and were responsible for the terminological work.