Guide to Terminology (Nordterm 8)

Cover of Guide to Terminology.Heidi Suonuuti

The Guide to Terminology is a unique work which provides a concise introduction to practical terminology work. It is intended for all work groups which have terminology work on their agendas.

The guide is written by one of the leading terminologists in the world, Heidi Suonuuti, the former director of Tekniikan Sanastokeskus (TSK, The Finnish Centre for Technical Terminology), who chaired the terminology committee of ISO (TC 37, Terminology — principles and coordination) in 1992—1997. Besides, other members of the Committee have given support in the preparation of the manuscript.

First edition of the Guide was published in 1997. TSK has published a revised edition of the Guide in 2001.

This web page contains the preface of the old and revised Guide. An annex to the Guide, "Terminology in Brief", is available on another page. On another page is also available Errata of the old Guide based on two defects that were detected only after the date of publication.

The Guide is available from The Finnish Terminology Centre (contact In Finland, the price is 12 EUR per copy. Postage will be added. The electronic publication is available on the Nordterm website.

Publisher: Finnish Centre for Technical Terminology / Nordterm, 2001. ISBN 952-9794-14-2.