Preparedness and Civil Defence Vocabulary (TSK 39)

Varautumisen ja väestönsuojelun sanasto, Beredskaps- och befolkningsskyddsordlista, Glossar für Notfallplanung und Bevölkerungsschutz

© Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, 2009
Publisher: Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK
ISBN 978-951-797-320-5 (paperback)

Vocabulary available:
- in the TEPA Term Bank

Languages of the vocabulary:
- Terms: Finnish, Swedish, English, German
- Concept descriptions: Finnish, Swedish

In July 2009 a new updated edition of the Preparedness and Civil Defense Vocabulary (TSK 38, 2007) was published. In the new edition the definitions, notes, other texts and concept diagrams have been translated into Swedish.

The terminology project on preparedness and civil defence was first started in November 2005 on the initiative of the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK. The result of the project, the Preparedness and Civil Defence Vocabulary, was published in December 2007. The vocabulary contains about 240 concepts, and equivalents in Swedish, English and German.

The subject fields of the vocabulary include e.g. risk management, normal and emergency conditions, security of supply, civil defence, evacuation, radiation and military defence. The vocabulary tries to give an overview of preparedness, and the most essential concepts of each sub-field have been included.

Since the Preparedness and Civil Defense Vocabulary is based on the Finnish society, the purpose has been to choose such equivalents that correspond with the Finnish concept and its definition as well as possible. It was easiest to find equivalence between Finnish and Swedish, since they both are Finland's national languages. For example, all statutes and many other texts written by authorities are translated into Swedish. The aim has been to choose such Swedish terms that are used both in Finland and in Sweden, but sometimes geographical variants had to be included.