Updated LIIKO ontology published in Finto service

The LIIKO ontology in the National Library’s Finto service

In the spring of 2021, the Finnish Terminology Centre and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency initiated a joint ontology project aimed to update the LIIKO ontology. LIIKO is an ontology of transportation, based on the previously created maritime ontology (MERO). In the project, all LIIKO concepts concerning seafaring and maritime traffic were examined and validated, in addition to supplementing the ontology with approximately 200 new concepts. Experts from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the Finnish Terminology Centre, Forum Marinum, the Maritime Museum of Finland and the Finnish Heritage Agency all collaborated in revising the ontology.

The updated version was published in the Finto service of the National Library in May 2022. The ontology currently consists of approximately 3 650 concepts with terms in Finnish.