Vocabulary of Geoinformatics (TSK 32)

Geoinformatiikan sanasto

REPLACED BY: Vocabulary of geoinformatics, 2nd edition (TSK 42)

© Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, 2005
ISBN 952-9794-19-3 (paperback)

The geoinformatics terminology project, started in the autumn 2004, has now been finished. The Vocabulary of Geoinformatics will be published in September as a part of the TSK's series of publications (TSK 32). The TSK acted as the coordinator and terminology expert in the project. A group of experts included representatives from the Finnish Geodetic Institute, National Land Survey of Finland, the Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Helsinki.

The purpose of the project was to gather the central terminology of the field together and thus facilitate coherent usage of terms. Another important objective was to create Finnish term recommendations for such concepts that did not yet have them. The language used in the field is in most cases English, so there were not necessarily any Finnish terms or they were unestablished.

The glossary contains about 140 term records with Finnish terms and definitions and English terms. There are some Finnish–English term pairs with no definitions since in these cases the finding of a Finnish term was considered more important than definitions. Many term records contain information on related concepts so in all there is information on about 200 concepts in the glossary.

The areas covered are positioning, coordinate reference systems, geographic information (GI), GI systems and services, GI modelling and quality, GI-related geometry and topology. The target group of the glossary are geoinformatics experts, but it is also useful for others struggling with GI terms.