Glossary of continuous learning (draft 28 November 2023)

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The glossary is available:
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Languages of the glossary:
- Terms: Finnish
- Concept descriptions: Finnish

The terminology work of the Glossary of continuous learning (Jatkuvan oppimisen sanasto) started in 2020–2021 on the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. In spring 2023, the Ministry of Education and Culture requested the work to continue as part of a programme focusing on the digitalisation of continuous learning (Jatkuvan oppimisen digitalisaatio, 2021–2025), which is funded by the European Union's Recovery and Resilience Facility (NextGenerationEU).

The draft of the Glossary of continuous learning was published in November 2023. It contains around 40 key concepts on continuous learning and Finnish term recommendations for them. The content of the concepts is clarified with the help of definitions and complementing notes, which are also given in Finnish. The relations between the concepts are illustrated by concept diagrams.

The aim of the glossary is to harmonize continuous-learning-related concepts used in both educational and employment administration. The glossary is aimed especially at people working with the reform of continuous learning in these two fields, but it may also be useful for others in need of information on the subject.

Interest groups were asked to give expert feedback on the first draft of the glossary at the end of 2021. The glossary has now been revised based on the received feedback, and the revisions are included in this draft. The terminology work is still ongoing, and new concepts and equivalents in Swedish and English will be added to the glossary in the future.

Experts from the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland participated in the terminology work. The working group was led by the Terminology Centre’s terminologists, who were responsible for the terminology work.

Funded by the European Union NextGenerationEU