Glossary of Housing

REPLACED BY: Terminology of Built Environment updated and expanded

Asumisen sanasto, Ordlista för boende

© Ministry of the Environment, 2022

The Glossary is available:
- in the Terminologies tool on the Interoperability Platform as part of the Terminology of Built Environment

Languages of the Glossary:
- Terms: Finnish, Swedish, English
- Concept descriptions: Finnish

The Glossary of Housing was drawn up in a project commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment. The Glossary has been published as part of the Master Glossary of Built Environment (Rakennetun ympäristön pääsanasto) of the Ministry of the Environment. The Glossary of Housing, with its 44 concepts related to housing and housing benefits, supplements prior terminology work on housing benefits.

The Glossary of Housing defines key concepts related to housing and support for housing production, provides the concepts with recommended terms in Finnish, and seeks to clarify term usage. The aim was to define concepts so that they can be used in a uniform manner in different contexts and to make sure the Glossary supports data interoperability within the public administration. To illustrate relations between concepts, the Glossary makes use of concept diagrams. The Glossary is intended as a tool for those working in the field of housing, but it can be useful for anyone who needs terms and definitions related to housing or housing benefits.

The Glossary was prepared by a working group which consisted of specialists of the Ministry of the Environment and the National Land Survey of Finland and a terminologist of the Finnish Terminology Centre.