Glossary of Internal Security, june 2023

Sisäisen turvallisuuden sanasto, Ordlista om inre säkerhet

© Ministry of the Interior, 2023

The glossary is available:   
- in the Terminologies Tool on the Interoperability Platform      
- in the TEPA Term Bank

Languages of the glossary:   
- Terms: Finnish, Swedish, English   
- Concept descriptions: Finnish, Swedish

The Glossary of Internal Security has been compiled on commission by the Ministry of the Interior. The Glossary contains 65 concepts related to internal security or, more broadly, to the activities of organisations operating under the Ministry of the Interior. The contents of the concepts are clarified by means of definitions and complementing notes, which have also been translated into Swedish. The concepts are provided with term recommendations in Finnish, and term equivalents in Swedish and English. The Glossary also contains concept diagrams which illustrate relations between selected concepts.

Before launching the terminology project, the Ministry of the Interior asked for proposals on the concepts to be included in the Glossary from among the agencies in this branch of government. The majority of the concepts that were selected to be included were such that had not been defined in previously published glossaries of the same theme. In addition, the Glossary contains some concepts defined in the Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security. The Glossary aims to clarify the contents of the selected concepts and harmonise the use of terms, and provides a basis for further terminology work by the Ministry of the Interior.

The Finnish part of the Glossary was prepared in a working group that comprised specialists from the Ministry of the Interior and organisations operating under it, and a terminologist from the Finnish Terminology Centre. The terminologist facilitated the work of the working group, was responsible for applying terminological methods in the process, and published the resulting Glossary on the Finnish Interoperability Platform.

A consultation round on the Glossary was organised at the end of 2022, after which the working group finalised the Glossary. The first version of the Glossary of Internal Security contained the terms and concept descriptions in Finnish and term equivalents in English, and it came out in February 2023. A second version of the Glossary, with the concept descriptions and concept diagrams translated into Swedish, was published in summer 2023. The Swedish part of the Glossary was drawn up by the Translation and Language Division of the Prime Minister’s Office, who was also responsible for checking the correctness of the English term equivalents.