Glossary of Personal Budgeting

Henkilökohtaisen budjetoinnin sanasto

The Glossary is available:
- as an attachment to the publication Vammaisten henkilöiden henkilökohtaisen budjetoinnin kokeiluhankkeen tuloksia: Esitys Suomen malliksi (Finnish institute for Health and Welfare, 2022)

Languages of the Glossary:
- Terms: Finnish
- Concept descriptions: Finnish

The Glossary of Personal Budgeting defines 19 concepts related to personal budgeting, and provides them with term recommendations in Finnish. This terminology work formed a part of the personal budgeting pilot project of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

The aim of the Glossary is to clarify key concepts related to disabled people’s personal budgeting. In this way, the Glossary intends to support both bill drafting at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and practical working in the wellbeing services counties of Finland. Moreover, the Glossary hopes to serve anyone in need of information about concepts related to personal budgeting.

The Glossary consists of concepts that describe the use of personal budgeting, control over the use of a personal budget, and the related support.

The Glossary was compiled by a working group which consisted of specialists of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and a terminologist of the Finnish Terminology Centre. Regional projects and their partners also participated in the terminology work through separate terminology workshops. In addition, a large group of experts were provided the opportunity to comment on the draft glossary.