Glossary on green areas

Väyläsanasto: viheralueet

© Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, 2023

The glossary is available:
- in the Terminologies Tool on the Interoperability Platform

Languages of the glossary:
- Terms: Finnish
- Concept descriptions: Finnish

The glossary Väyläsanasto: viheralueet (Glossary on green areas) was prepared on the initiative of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. The glossary contains 48 concepts related to green areas. The concepts have been given term recommendations in Finnish and the content of the concepts is clarified with the help of definitions and complementing notes. Relations between the concepts are illustrated by concept diagrams.

The terminology work conducted by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency aims to define concepts that are essential for the Agency’s operations and to support interoperability of information in public administration. One of the results of this work is the glossary Väyläsanasto: viheralueet focusing on green areas. The glossary can be useful in the design, construction and maintenance processes of roads and other parts of the transport networks and the data management related to them. It may also serve others who own or maintain green areas adjacent to transport infrastructure.

Experts from the City of Helsinki, Ramboll Finland Oy, the Finnish Association of Landscape Industries, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the Ministry of the Environment participated in the terminology project. The working group was lead by the experts of the Finnish Terminology Centre. The glossary Väyläsanasto: viheralueet was published in October 2023.