Government subsidy terminology project

In February 2019, the Finnish Terminology Centre resumed the terminology work, launched in 2018 at the initiative of CSC (IT Centre for Science), which aims at providing descriptions for central concepts related to government subsidies. The terminology work aims to support a project whose objective is to develop and digitalise activities related to government subsidies. The responsibility of the preparation stage of the digitalisation project lies with the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

The previous stages of the terminology project were carried out in the year 2018, and this year’s work builds on those stages. Among the topics covered by the terminology are types of government subsidies, government subsidy activity and its participants, documents related to government subsidies, and evaluation of the effects and impact of the subsidies. The concepts of the terminology will be provided with descriptions and term usage recommendations in Finnish.

The terminology of government subsidies is being worked on by using methods of terminology work. These methods allow for elaborating definitions and term recommendations which reflect the underlying concept system. This, in turn, helps terminology users to understand differences and relations between the concepts. The tasks in a terminology project are divided so that a terminologist prepares draft versions of the terminology, after which, in terminology workshops, the drafts are commented on by subject field experts from various ministries, agencies, organisations and associations.