NORDTERM 22: Begreppsarbete och informationshantering

© The authors, 2021
ISBN 978-952-9794-37-9 (PDF)
ISSN 1100-9659 (the digital publication)

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Languages of the publication: en, da, no, sv

The Finnish Terminology Centre and the University of Helsinki arranged a joint Nordic event, Nordterm 2021, on 1–2 June 2021. The event was organized as a webinar with the theme 'Terminology Work and Information Management'.

The presentations in the webinar have been compiled as a digital publication 'Begreppsarbete och informationshantering (NORDTERM 22)', available in PDF format on the Nordterm website. Several of the articles discuss how public administration in the Nordic countries utilize terminological methods and knowledge.

As well as the articles, the publication includes reports from the Nordterm Steering Committee and the Nordterm working groups and reports from the language areas represented in Nordterm. The articles and reports are written in Danish, English, Norwegian and Swedish.