Renovation and restoration terms for

Korjaustaito-verkkosivuston sanasto

© Finnish Heritage Agency, 2021

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Languages of the glossary:
- Terms: Finnish
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Korjaustaito-verkkosivuston sanasto (a glossary of renovation and restoration terms for was prepared by the Finnish Heritage Agency and the Finnish Terminology Centre. The glossary contains 16 key concepts related to renovation and restoration of buildings. The content of the concepts is clarified with the help of definitions and complementing notes which are given in Finnish. The concepts have also been given term recommendations in Finnish.

The Finnish Heritage Agency provides various guides for those planning a renovation or restoration project. Compiling the glossary of renovation and restoration terms was part of a project where the guides were updated and published on a new website, The glossary is intended as an aid for those who use the guides.

The terminology work was carried out by subject field specialists of the Finnish Heritage Agency as well as a terminologist of the Finnish Terminology Centre.