Tax Terminology, version 2.0

© Tax Administration

The terminology is available:
- in PDF format
- in the TEPA Term Bank
- in the Terminologies tool on the Interoperability Platform

Languages of the terminology:
- Terms: Finnish, Swedish, English
- Concept descriptions: Finnish

In 2019, The Finnish Terminology Centre carried out the second part of a terminology project commissioned by The Finnish Tax Administration. The project, aiming to compile concepts that taxpayers find difficult, resulted in Tax Terminology 2.0, where the information of 149 concepts is presented in the form of terminological entries and concept diagrams. The contents of the concepts are clarified by means of definitions and supplementing notes. The Finnish terms are given recommendations as well as equivalents in Swedish and English. The concepts are also represented in the form of concept diagrams.

The aim of the Tax Terminology is to make it easier for the readers of the Finnish Tax Administration's website and users of its services to understand the contents and mutual relations between the concepts related to taxation.