Terminology project on government grant activities to continue in autumn 2022

In autumn 2022, the Finnish Terminology Centre will continue the terminology work, commissioned by the CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd., that has as its objective to draw up descriptions for the key concepts related to government grant activities and activities financed by government grants. The overall aim of the terminology work is to support the development and digitalisation of government grant activities.

The previous phases of the terminology project have been carried out in 2018–2021. In autumn 2022, the work will continue on new material in Finnish. After that, the Prime Minister’s Office will establish Swedish and English equivalents for the new concepts and translate the concept descriptions into these languages. After that, a new version of the Glossary of Discretionary Government Grant Terms will be published.

The Glossary of Discretionary Government Grant Terms is being prepared by using standardised methods of terminology work. These methods allow for drawing up definitions and term recommendations which reflect the underlying concept system. This, in turn, helps glossary users to understand differences and relations between the concepts.

Questions related to the concepts of the glossary are being discussed in workshops attended by subject field experts from various ministries, agencies, organisations and associations.