The Terminology of Built Environment

The terminology is available:
- in the TEPA Term Bank
- in the Terminologies tool on the Interoperability Platform

Languages of the terminology:
- Terms: Finnish (partially Swedish and English)
- Concept descriptions: Finnish

In 2018, the Ministry of the Environment and the Terminology Centre TSK launched a project with the aim of expanding Kiinteistö- ja rakentamisalan keskeinen sanasto (Essential Vocabulary of Real Estate and Construction Sector) published in 2016. The new terminology is called Rakennetun ympäristön sanasto (The Terminology of Built Environment), and it contains 362 concepts.

The aim of the terminology is to define the concepts related to the field of building in a way that the recommendations given in the terminology can be widely used by the people involved in the field. A common set of terminology supports the communication of authorities, companies and citizens.

The subject fields of the terminology include construction and building, plans, technical systems, building management, real estate business and housing, among others. The names and descriptions of building types are based on the Classification of Buildings 2018.