The updated MAO/TAO Ontology in the Finto service

The MAO/TAO Ontology in the Finnish National Library's Finto service

The Finnish Heritage Agency commissioned the Finnish Terminology Centre to update the Ontology for Museum Domain (MAO/TAO). During the year 2022, some new concepts were added to the ontology and some concepts were corrected according to the suggestions of the experts of the Finnish Heritage Agency and the feedback received from the Finnish National Library's Finto service. The General Finnish Ontology (YSO) which has been added to the MAO/TAO was updated as well to a newer version (2021.1 Filolaos).

A terminologist and an IT-designer from the Finnish Terminology Centre prepared the ontology for publication at the end of the year, and the updated version was published in the Finto service in december. After the update, the ontology contains nearly 14,000 concepts. Approximately 700 of them include terms in both Finnish and English and circa 50 also in Swedish.