Update of Tekla Structures glossary in autumn 2021

The software company Trimble Solutions (formerly called Tekla) publishes and maintains Tekla Structures glossary, which is a terminology resource accompanying the Tekla Structures building information modelling software. The software and the glossary combine terminology from both construction and IT fields. The glossary provides terms and definitions in English for the central concepts of the software.

Updated versions of the Tekla Structures glossary have been published regularly when releasing new versions of the software. Projects to update the glossary have been carried out by the Finnish Terminology Centre on commission by Trimble Solutions. The most recent glossary update project was started in autumn 2021.

The Tekla Structures glossary has been worked out by using methods of terminology work. These methods help to make sure that the definitions of the concepts to be introduced into the glossary, as well as any new term recommendations, are as systematic and logical as possible and reflect the concept system described in the glossary. A logical way of presenting terminological data, for its part, makes it easier for glossary users to understand differences and relations between concepts.

In an update project, a terminologist performs a so called concept analysis of the concepts to be introduced into the glossary. Part of the concept analysis is to check in which way the glossary’s concept system needs to be modified when adding a new concept into the glossary – or when removing a concept from it.

The terminology work is carried out by terminologists of the Finnish Terminology Centre in close collaboration with subject field experts from Trimble. The updated glossary version is to be ready for publication in the beginning of 2022.