Updated MAO/TAO Ontology published in Finto service

MAO/TAO Ontology in the Finto service

During 2019 the Finnish Heritage Agency and the Finnish Terminology Centre started and completed a project where approximately 1 000 concepts were added to Ontology for Museum Domain and Applied Arts (MAO/TAO). The concepts are related to archaeological objects from the Stone Age and the Iron Age as well as to coin finds. As part of the project also the structure of the ontology was updated in a way that it corresponds to the structure of the latest version of General Finnish ontology (YSO). After the update the ontology contains approximately 13 500 concepts with terms in Finnish.

The Terminology Centre and the Finnish Heritage Agency have updated the MAO/TAO ontology in several projects since 2015. The work is carried out in workshops in close co-operation between experts from the field and a terminologist.