Vocabulary of Information Management in Social Sector, version 5.0

REPLACED BY: Glossary of Information Management in Social Sector, 2020

Sosiaalialan tiedonhallinnan sanasto – Palveluihin, palveluprosesseihin ja asiakastietoihin liittyviä käsitteitä, versio 5.0

© National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), 2019

The terminology is available:
- in PDF format (only in Finnish)
- in the TEPA Term Bank
- in Sote-sanastot

Languages of the terminology:
- Terms: Finnish, Swedish
- Concept descriptions: Finnish, Swedish

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) maintains the Vocabulary of Information Management in Social Sector – Concepts Related to Services, Service Processes and Client Information. The version 5.0 of the vocabulary was completed in March 2019. The vocabulary contains information on 655 concepts in Finnish. The vocabulary clarifies the content of the concepts with the help of definitions and complementing notes and gives recommendations on Finnish terms. In addition, many concept systems are illustrated with concept diagrams.

The Vocabulary of Information Management in Social Sector is an important part of developing information management in the enterprise architecture for public administration. The development creates better conditions for the interoperability of information systems, and sharing and use of information. One objective of the recommendations given in the vocabulary is to harmonize the use of social sector terms nationwide. The vocabulary is meant for the developers of information systems, professionals who handle client information or develop operations in social welfare, and other experts who need to know the meaning of terms in social sector. Harmonized terms also benefit citizens who apply for and use social services, and collaborating partners in social welfare.

Legislation on social welfare and THL’s specifications of information management in social sector have been the prime source material for the updates and new concepts added to the vocabulary.

In the end of 2019, Swedish equivalents and translations of concept descriptions were added in the vocabulary.