Vocabulary of Real Estate Business, 2nd edition

Kiinteistöliiketoiminnan sanasto, 2. laitos

© Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, 2012
Publisher: RAKLI
ISBN 978-952-9794-33-1 (PDF)

Vocabulary available:
- in PDF format
- in the TEPA Term Bank

Languages of the vocabulary:
- Terms: Finnish, English
- Concept descriptions: Finnish, English

The Finnish Terminology Centre has published an updated second edition of the Vocabulary of Real Estate Business. The vocabulary includes the key concepts related to the field. The first part of the publication consists mainly of the concepts already featured in the 2001 edition, but some of their definitions and terms have been revised. The second part of the publication includes new concepts on real estate investment, environmental and energy efficiency as well as property services.

In its entirety the vocabulary contains 128 concepts with their definitions and additional notes, which were compiled in Finnish and then translated into English. The vocabulary gives the concepts term recommendations in Finnish and also contains their equivalents in English. The vocabulary also includes concept maps which aim to give the reader a general view of each theme in the vocabulary by illustrating the relation between the concepts.

The Vocabulary of Real Estate Business is aimed at all actors and parties on the field, both at domestic and foreign markets. Another purpose of the project is to facilitate the citizens’ independent information search and the communication between citizens and the experts on the field.

The update project was initiated by the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI), which also acted as the coordinator of the project. The terminology work was carried out at the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK and financed by the same organisations which formed the project’s executive group. The updated vocabulary was published in October 2012.