Terminology work on basic education in the arts

In 2010, the Finnish Terminology Centre and the Ministry of Education and Culture launched a joint terminology project on concepts related to the field of education. This resulted in the publication of the Glossary of Education, whose third edition was published in April 2024. The aim of the glossary is to support the implementation of online services and information architecture and the communication between data producers, data users and information systems. Additionally, the glossary facilitates communication between people by providing term recommendations and commonly agreed definitions for concepts.

The Glossary of Education has been worked on in several subprojects over the years, and in spring 2024 a new subproject focusing on 30 concepts of the basic education in the arts was launched. The project is topical, as legislation on the basic education in the arts is currently being reviewed. Experts from the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education as well as a terminologist of the Terminology Centre participate in the work.

Some of the concepts that are being worked on have already been defined in the Glossary of Education, while some concepts are completely new. The new concepts will be given concept descriptions in Finnish, and the concepts that have been published previously will be revised to suit the context of the basic education in the arts, as well. The new and updated concept descriptions will be published as a part of the fourth edition of the Glossary of Education.